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Recommended 'free choice' courses

Specialization A and Spezialization ‘Free Choice’

In order to give you maximum flexibility in your choice of lectures in the second year of your studies, we suggest to use the ‘Free choice’ (see http://envsc.univie.ac.at/curricular/in order to allow you to individually assemble a set of courses for your interest with maximum freedom instead of the previously defined Spezalization areas A, B and C.

The procedure for choosing courses for the ‘Free Choice’ specialization is as follows: the ‘Free Choice’ elective courses for the second year of your studies need to be master level courses that are focussing on issues in the general area of environmental sciences. They need to be approved by the Vice SPL Prof. Kraemer. It is useful to request this BEFORE enrolling in order to avoid taking courses that are not approved by Prof. Kraemer. However, it is still possible to request approval after the courses are taken. In order to keep administration to a minimum, you can send a list of courses by e-mail. Please include the lecture number, title, type, ECTS, SWS and (if it is not taken at the University of Vienna) the Institution where they are taught. Prof. Kraemer will send the decision by e-mail or requests further information. Please keep this e-mail response to your enquiry for future reference It is your responsibility to ensure that the courses that you  are proposing are indeed master level courses.



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